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Placing Orders

Are there minimum quantities to place an order from the warehouse?
Can individuals place orders for wine online?
How do I check out and pay with a credit card?
Can I cancel an order I just placed?
I just placed an order. Is there anyway I can add something to that order so that it is shipped with the rest if I have already submitted it?
Do I have to order in full case quantities or may I order smaller amounts?
What are the warehouse pick up hours?
I would like to know if we are able to make returns. We accidentally ordered three (3) cases of Dewars and two (2) cases of Stoli Vanilla and would like to return these for credit if possible. Please let me know. Thanks.
Les Winders
99 Restaurant - N Conway, NH
I just placed an order and didn't realize that the trucking Co defaults to AJ trucking, would like to change the delivery Co. to Rateliner
Order Number was 1BLE5, placed 06/16/2014, Confirmation # 276223, For UNOS CHICAGO GRILL #1257503, Address: 593 Amherst St. Nashua, NH 03063
Phone # (603) 886-4132
Thank You, Rick Salstrom AGM
I am in the process of opening a new store/restaurant. Who do I talk to?
How can I change my order to a customer pickup?
We have just placed our first order. I was reviewing this order and noticed that we did not have any UPC information. Is there any way to see UPC's associated with the orders?
Who should I call if there is a problem with the website?
Sometimes when I check out, an item is crossed off the order. Why does this happen?
I want to take A&J out of the deliveryoption for my account. I would like to replace it with Rateliner permanently going forward. How would i go about doing this?
how do I order by the bottle and not by the case?
Is there any way to order an item for my business that is not available at the NH State Liquor Stores?
I am looking at your feature, ".CSV Upload" In what format would I be uploading this? Do you have an excel template that I could use to upload in this fashion?

how do you go back to an order to correct it if you already put it through??
Can line items or an entire order be cancelled after it has been submitted?
I am a new licensee. How do I register to get an online ordering account?
Can I print my order before it is submitted?
Is there a way to have the Order Confirmation emailed to more than one email?
How can you place a rush on an order?

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